About Us

Orime is located in Boston, Massachusetts

Orime is an online showroom based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our name is taken from the Japanese word “orime” which translates to texture, specifically to texture that is created by woven threads.

Our collection specializes in antique Japanese folk textiles and handcrafted items with a special interest in boro textiles. Our web shop is categorized based on technique—boro, kasuri, katazome, sakiori, sashiko, shibori, and tsutsugaki.

We see intense appreciation and respect in these items. Each layer of cloth that was placed, each stitch that was made, was primarily done to preserve the life of these textiles. The resulting patterns and textures that are created are likes maps—the topography and contours vibrating with energy and intention. 

If you are searching for a specific type  of textile not seen on our site, please free free to contact us with a special request. 

We are proud to include textile and fashion designers, collectors, costume curators, fiber artists, historians, and enthusiasts of handcrafted fabrics to our list of clientele. We hope that you find something that excites you.