Antique Black, Red, and Gold Temari Ball


Temari, are decorative balls that were originally made as gifts for children. These decorative playthings were typically made by first creating a ball from buckwheat, cotton, or rice grain center and tightly wrapping with thread to cover the surface. Sometimes a wish or name would be included within the center of the ball for good luck. Finally, decorative threads would be carefully stitched over the surface to create a design. 

This particular temari has a brilliant red chrysanthemum is embroidered on each end with complementary green and gold threads. The chrysanthemum symbolizes endurance, integrity, and longevity - a very thoughtful present. In excellent condition.

Measures about 3" across
Late 19th to early 20th century

Note: The fourth photograph is shown for size comparison. Only the black ball  in the forefront is included in this listing.

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