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Embroidered Indigo Bag - "Good Fortune"


Shown here is a cotton komebukuro, or rice bag that has been hand dyed with natural indigo and embroidered with sashiko thread.

This is a fantastic antique Japanese folk textile. Komebukuro were traditionally used to hold rice, which would be presented as offerings to temples during important religious ceremonies or holidays. The bags also sometimes served to hold gifts.

This particular bag has the kanji character of Fuku, or "Fortune" embroidered on it, and a thick drawstring rope used to secure the opening. On the reverse is a charming repair of sashiko mending which reinforces one of its corners.

The bag is in very good condition, and has been well used throughout its years. A fine example of a traditional Japanese folk textile.

Dimensions: 12 x 24"
Early 20th Century

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