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Antique Japanese Indigo Tabi with Dense Sashiko Stitching Reinforcement


Tabi are traditional Japanese socks that are separated between the big toe and other toes.  

The body of these tabi is made of thick indigo dyed cotton. The tops of each shoe are densely sashiko stitched with indigo threads, and there are reinforcements to the areas surrounding the large toe and the heel. There is also a wonderful, subtle sashiko stitching detail of vertical stripes that surrounds each heel. The sole of each tabi is woven from a thick bast fiber cord. 

Both shoes are in excellent condition. There is a small coin sized hole on the right side of the left tabi near the ankle. In all, this is a beautiful pair of hand made rustic tabi suitable for display, wear, or to add to your collection of Japanese textiles. 

Early to mid 1900s
Dimensions: 9.75" / 24.7cm (heel to toe); 6" / 15.25cm (vertical); 5.5"/ 14cm (width)

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