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Length of Antique Hand Woven Japanese Zanshi Cotton


This is a handsome length of hand woven zanshi cotton taken from a futonji bed covering.

Zanshi is cloth woven from salvaged or remaindered yarns which have been knotted together. In this case the threads have been hand knotted, you can feel the surface is textured with very small fine knots.

It is an especially beautiful piecethe warp is yarns of shades of pure indigo blue alternating with a pale buttery yellow, while the weft is a mixture of indigo, white, pale colors, and leftover kasuri threads. The result is a large scale lattice pattern of wonderfully faded botanical colors. The photographs here don't do it justice.

It is in fine condition save for a hole found at one end, measuring about two inches around. The weave is somewhat loose and it has a soft natural hand. Some weft threads are missing in areas.

A beautiful textile to be used however you wish—as craft material, for study, display, inspiration, or simply to admire.

Early 1900s
12.5 x 52.5in; 32 x 133cm

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