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Sekka Shibori Snow Flowers


A wonderfully soft piece of cotton with dazzling geometric indigo patterns of sekka shibori, snow flowers.

These snow blossoms are created using an itajime shibori technique. The cotton would first be folded, then clamped tightly with boards, and finally dip dyed along the edges. Once the boards have been removed and the fabric unfolded a beautiful geometric pattern is created.

This piece was likely created as a gift for use as a child's diaper though it has been hand stitched closed and, at some point, machine stitched a few times along the length, possibly to be used as a zokin, or dust rag. It is three or four pieces of cotton thick and in excellent condition without stains or tears.

Dimensions: 13 x 24.5 inches; 33 x 62 centimeters
Mid twentieth century

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