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Eccentrically Dyed Length of Old Shusu-Ori Cotton


This is a rather unusual length of beautiful old shusu-ori cotton salvaged from a yukata, or cotton summer kimono. Shusu-ori is woven from warp and weft threads of varying width. The resulting cloth has a pleasant texture across the surface. It's pattern, an eccentric sort of web which is more apparent on the front and less so on the reverse, has been created using a resist technique with botanical indigo.

At first glance it might appear it was created using a shibori technique but it seems more likely to us that a resist was applied creatively and freely to the surfaceperhaps similar to drip painting. We must admit we are uncertain about the exact dye technique used to achieve this result. If you happen to know please do send us a message!

It is a lovely piece of old cloth with an interesting and energetic pattern. The condition and integrity overall is very good. Two pieces are currently available, one of which has a small blemish on one end near the edge measuring roughly 1.5", as seen in the last photo.

Measures roughly 13 x 59in; 33 x 150cm
Early 1900s


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