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Antique Japanese Tsutsugaki Futon with Mirrored Fan and Tassel Motif


This is a large four panel tsutsugaki futonji, bed covering, from the San'in Region of Japan.

Tsutsugaki, literally translated as “tube drawing,” is a hand drawn resist dyeing technique where a rice paste is carefully applied by hand through a cone shaped tube to the prepared cloth's surface before dyeing.

In this case, the presence of two shades of indigo indicates that it was created in two sessions. First the image is drawn, then dyed until a satisfying medium indigo color is achieved. Second, details are added with additional rice paste, then dyed several more times until a very deep indigo tone is achieved. Finally, the rice paste resist is removed by washing to reveal the completed image.

Arranged across the entire surface is a bold composition of Japanese folding fans and tassels dancing around a kamon, or family crest, of a sedge hat. Truly a dazzling image.

This futon cover is made of four panels of hand woven cotton. In very good condition, suitable for display, save for a few small holes throughout. The greatest of which about the size of a small coin.

Dimensions:  53.5 x 60in; 136x 154cm
Early 1900s

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