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Vintage Japanese Happi Coat with Facing Ginger Cloves Crest


This is an indigo dyed cotton happi, or festival jacket, with a bold and graphic design which has been created with a hand applied resist dye technique.

The front of the jacket reads 小林家 or "Kobayashi House"  with rows of large coins and whorls wrapping from the front to reverse of the jacket.

The upper portion of the back of the coat has a large kamon, or crest, which signifies a company or family emblem. In this case the figure is representative of facing ginger cloves or myoga. Myoga is homophonic with another word that means "blessings from the gods", so it has long been considered auspicious. People who adopted myoga as their family emblem likely hoped to invoke good fortune. 

The jacket is in good condition with light wear and fading throughout. There is a repurposed cotton tenugui, hand towel, used as reinforcement inside along the shoulders inside. There is a small tear under one arm. The issues do not detract from the garment's overall appearance. It is still quite wearable with a striking appearance.

Dimensions: 50.5in/128cm from sleeve to sleeve, 25in/70cm across chest, 27.5in/64cm from collar to lower hem
Mid 1900s

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